Teak Wood

We enjoy perhaps the best reputation in the teak wood business with sourcing partners ranging from TIMOs (Global Forest Partners, Forest Land Group, Greenwood, Barings etc) to large corporates (Proteak, Grupo Argos, Tropibosques, Fertica, Grupo Durini etc) to large, medium and small family owned plantation owners.

We also enjoy a deep understanding and a strong reputation on the customer side, with access to the entire spectrum of traders, building material manufacturers, outdoor and indoor furniture manufacturers and flooring factories.

Aron Global is, by a distance, the largest trader of teak wood in the world with a deep and long term presence across the value chain from source to market.


Access to Supply

Our Latin American and African footprint gives us the widest access to teak.


Access to Market

We have a deep and wide presence in the largest teak market in the world, India.


Access to Customers

Despite having access to over 500 customers, we opt to work with only ~130.

The Teak Industry

In a world of depleting hardwood supply, teak wood is the only high quality hardwood that grows well in managed plantations. That hugely desirable trait has led to high levels of private teak wood plantations investments in largely Latin America but also, increasingly so, in Africa.

Our view on the future of the industry

The future supplies of the teak wood business largely relies on Latin America with around 400,000 hectares and somewhat on Africa with around 100,000 hectares of teak wood plantations. This is because over the last three  decades, teak wood plantation investors, largely from Europe and the United States but also Latin American business houses and financially enabled individuals, have actively invested in teak wood plantations in these geographies.

This has been made possible by the unique confluence of attractively priced land, supportive government regulations, attractive taxation policies, relative political stability and favourable weather patterns in these geographies.

Our key partnership

Aron Global is the exclusive sales partner of Teak Resources Company (TRC), Brazil for the Indian market where 98 percent of the world’s teak wood is consumed. TRC is the largest teak wood plantation owner in the world and Aron Global is the largest teak wood trader in the world.

Even independently, Aron Global and TRC are the top two suppliers of teak globally. In effect, Aron Global and TRC together supply around 20 percent of all teak wood that is sold in the world. The next teak supply entity after the two of us will not be more than 5 percent of the world teak wood market.

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Teak Wood:
The King of Woods

Teak wood, also known as Tectona Grandis, is a dense, close grained type of hardwood that is native to south and southeast Asia. Teak wood is widely considered to be the ‘King of Woods’.

Teak wood is golden colour, has smooth grains and texture and is high in minerals and natural oils. That makes teak wood strong, durable and largely impervious to splitting, cracking, termites, fungus and weathering.

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